It has been brought to our attention that there is confusion regarding the companies Amazon Entertainment and Amazon the global retail company.  AMAZON ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD based in Sydney Australia is no way associated or affiliated with Amazon or the streaming service Amazon Prime, currently owned by Jeff Bezos.


Concerned individuals here in Australia have been receiving unsolicited calls from individuals claiming to work for Amazon. The callers often tell the individuals that they owe money for a subscription service they don't even have and that their Credit Card or bank account is due to have a fee deducted unless they take immediate action.

From our understanding it is not common business practice for Amazon too 'cold call' customers and request payment. More than likely this is a scam or a phishing exercise designed to secure information about you. 

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to stop or block calls from these numbers or the people behind the scam. Also the only way you can contact Amazon direct and tell them about the calls themselves is if you are an exisiting Amazon customer. 


Our advice is to not engage, never call them back and delete any messages you have received from them. 


Hope this helps.




Amazon Entertainment